Off-Market Properties

We source the very best city and country, waterside, character and period properties, most of which are not on the open market throughout the UK and in Cape Town, South Africa.

Unlike our competitors we are completely independent, with no affiliation or ties with estate agents, no conflicts of interest whatsoever.

Our only loyalty is to you and to finding your perfect property. With access to more properties than anyone else, we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

We’re not estate agents. Quite the opposite in fact: we represent buyers, not sellers. But we do have relationships with all the top selling agents, who know us as a source of serious, reliable buyers, and happily provide us access to their “bottom drawer” properties, as well as those they’re actively marketing.

In addition we have access to privately available properties before they reach the open market. We have built relationships with many prime property owners who appreciate our approach and reputation, and inform us of their intention to sell months before marketing.

All this privileged information results in over three-quarters of our property purchases coming from off market sources.

Which means we’re better placed than anyone else to find your perfect property. Not one that’ll probably do. Perfect.


Telephone : From the UK: 01425 462 549

From overseas: +44 1425 462 549

Email :

Click here to register your property search requirements with us.


Telephone : From South Africa: 021 813 6850

From outside of South Africa: +27 21 813 6850

Email :

Thank you for your interest in our company.

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