Planning To Sell A Prime Property?

Perhaps you are in no rush to sell, but would be open to it if the right offer came along. You may not want your property openly marketed for confidential reasons. We can put your property in front of the right kind of committed buyers without compromising your privacy.

We should make it clear that to avoid any kind of conflict of interest, our fees are paid exclusively by the buyer – we never represent or receive a fee from the vendor of a property.

Shaun Ascough, Managing Director of Sands comments; “We find that many owners of prime property often do not want their property to be openly marketed. They know how painful it can be having to contend with serial weekend viewers tramping through their homes“.

Sands Home Search only act for committed, serious and proceedable high net worth buying clients which is very appealling to property owners who wish to sell on a discrete and confidential basis.

We regularly review our clients’ (the property buyers) specific search requirements against our in-house database of private property sellers.

Please note that we are specifically interested in hearing about prime UK properties which have a value of £1m ++ and those which are not currently being marketed for sale by a selling (estate) agent.

If your property details match any of our clients property search criteria then we will immediately contact you directly to discuss further and/or arrange a convenient time to view your property. Regrettably we are unable to contact each and every private property seller that makes contact with us, due to the volumes we receive.

We can also provide free and impartial advice on which selling agents that you should be considering using to effectively market your property, based on our experiences of those which are being most effective at selling prime real estate.

Please contact us with details of the prime property that you would like to have presented to our portfolio of property buying clients using the contact details below:

UK Prime Property

Telephone : From the UK: 01425 462 549

From overseas: +44 1425 462 549

Email :


Telephone : From South Africa: 021 813 6850

From outside of South Africa: +27 21 813 6850

Email :

Thank you for your interest in our company.

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